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Site Clean Queensland was formed to supply an Ultra Specialised Industrial Cleaning Service. We have endeavoured to supply a business that performs services that other businesses can’t supply or can’t supply properly. We believe that we can help your business meet or exceed the increasing statutory requirements set by company and government legislature, to provide a safer working environment and to save your company money. Site Clean Queensland is a totally mobile, highly trained and cost efficient industrial cleaning service. We believe that utilisation of accurate cleaning will provide:

: Increased accuracy in maintenance reporting
(crack detection, fluid leaks etc.)
: Increased longevity of working parts
: Increased maintenance productivity


: A safer workplace
: A more harmonious work environment
: Improved hygiene in amenities and eating areas

  : Boom Truck Pressure Cleaning
: Electrical Sub Stations & High Voltage Rooms
: Internal & External Office Spring Cleans
: Machinery Pressure Cleaning
: Detailed Builder Cleans
: Glass Decalcifying & Restoration

: Large Building & Workshop External Cleans
: Rota Wash Pressure Cleaning
: High Voltage Transformers